Friday, 20 May 2016

Reaching Soon Demo (and how you can create one for your app)

Bringing to you the demo of Reaching Soon App. Have a look, feel free to comment. If you like it, make sure to click the like button. Also share the app with your friends. I am sure your friends will thank you when they have themselves tracked in a couple of rides using Reaching Soon.

A little story behind how we created this video. Maybe it will help you when you create one for your product. Given that we were on a (negligible) budget, we decided to try it ourselves. Had the experience been miserable, we would have take pro help of course. But definitely worth a try.

We recorded screencast of our own journey using the app. That was easy using A-Z screen recorder app on Samsung Note 3. Pretty descent tool, except that it consumes mobile storage much quicker than you would like. If you use this so make sure you have sufficient space as a few minutes of recording would exceed half a GB.

What followed was a day+ of hard work finding right pictures, clips, music pieces and right text-to-speach software, and putting it all together.

We used iMovies on Mac. What a tool. Lovers of free software must use this. Though a bit intuitive to start with, it's great once you get used to it. Not much of mumbo-jumbo, very simple and powerful. Add the bits and pieces that you are going to use - MP4, images, sound files. Cut paste as needed, use themes as needed and you have final product that is very good.

Music was not difficult, we found it on Free Music Archive. We love that site. There are plenty of great tunes under creative commons license, available for commercial use. Difficulty was in picking the right one to fill 12-15 seconds. We chose Quasi Motion by Kevin MacLeod - it suited perfectly to the motion depicted in a journey that Reaching Soon tracks.

Tough part was getting the right TTS voice. Ideally I would have liked a friend with "Received Pronunciation". Unfortunately Brits other than BBC newsreaders rarely speak with that. We found "Harry" on From Text to Speech. Nice voice, very clear and pleasant (ignoring stiff upper lip that was well noticeable). We tried ladies and gentlemen with various American, British, Australian and Indian accents and Harry was definitely the best.

Final challenge was putting it all together to <1m video. Given we are amateurs in video making, we are very happy with the outcome. It tells the story and brings the message clearly. Now you tell us what you think about it.