Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Which is better: Reaching Soon vs Glympse vs Life360 vs Google+

Reaching soon is so easy to use, even our parent's generation can use it without difficulty!

"Is it like Glympse?"

When ReachingSoon is mentioned, I keep hearing this all the time -

"Is it like Glympse?"
"How is it different from Life360?"
"Google+ is better"


We are far far better! At enabling people share their location with family and friends. Quickly. All people. Even the smartphone-newbies. Not just the tech savvy ones.

Q. What expectations do people have from a location sharing app?

First and foremost, they want to let anxious family or friends know where they are, and when they would arrive.

So, naturally, a good location sharing app must let you do precisely that without hassles...

We tested some of the leading location sharing apps - Glympse (5M+ downloads on Playstore), Life360 (10M+ downloads) and Google+ (needs no introduction - yes, they do have live location sharing)

And the results will surprise you!

1. Glympse (

Screenshots - Getting started with Glympse

Glympse let's you share your location with friends/family and they can track you on a browser or the app if they have it. You can also request location from them, but they need to have Glympse app installed on their mobile in order to share.

Every session is time-limited, and location sharing stops after a time period which you choose. This is great, because you aren't tracked all day long!

The hiccup - Sharing a trip with friends/family is very complex. Every time. It involves many clicks, and is not at all intuitive. Even after doing it a few times, it was not easy to get used to it.

2. Life360 (

Screenshots - Getting started with Life360
Life360 is meant for family members to track each other, mostly on a continuous basis. You create a family group, and every member of the group shares his/her location with every other member. Everyone in your group necessarily needs to have the app installed on their phones.

Getting started with Life360 was tiresome. You need to create an account, sign in, add people to a circle, wait for them to reciprocate, add places, etc. Many decisions and actions have to be taken before you can actually start sharing location. In short, too much to do for just sharing the location.

Further, the location sharing is permanent, which is something not everyone wants. Yes, you can pause location sharing when you wish to, but then that defeats the purpose of having the app in the first place.

3. Google+

Google+ app has a location sharing component to it. To open it, choose "Locations" on the pull-down menu on the left side.

Sharing location with Google+ is extremely difficult. You need to add people to a Google+ circle, and then share location with that circle.

Having done that, you end up sharing the location almost permanently, because stopping that is another difficult activity.

4. Reaching Soon (

Screenshots - Getting started with Reaching Soon
With Reaching Soon, we have made a conscious effort to keep it simple. All you need to do, is invite a family/friend to join your trip - you do this by sending them a link to the trip, using WhatsApp, SMS or email. 

And you are set! When they click on the link, the trip opens in a browser, or the Reaching Soon app, if they have it.

No signup, no circles, nothing to hinder you from sharing your location...

And the trip ends and location sharing stops automatically when all of you reach the destination. No need to even choose an expiry time.

In Summary

Reaching Soon is designed to make life simpler for you - fewer clicks, fewer decisions to make. You just open the app, and you are ready to let your loved ones know where you are, and when you will reach.

GlympseLife360Google+Reaching Soon
Signup RequiredNoYesYesNo
Number of clicks to invite friend510very complex3
Location sharing/tracking durationTime limitedPermanentPermanentOnly while trip is on
Works from browser alsoYesNoNoYes

Download Reaching Soon

If you are on iOS, register for early access - (click on the "Apple App store button")


Credits - Image on top -  You've Got Mail by Georgie Pauwels (two sr men on mobile)

Friday, 17 June 2016

ReachingSoon in EconomicTimes

Economic Times published a case study on Reaching Soon app yesterday on their ETCIO Online Edition ( A great thing to happen when an early stage app gets such visibility.

Have a read, share the article, and most importantly - get the app on your mobiles and on that of your family members. It's a great tool to stay connected with them when it matters. Share it with your friends using this easy link

Monday, 6 June 2016

"Where Are You?"

On a busy downtown street you will always find many 'helplessly lost' people talking on their phones as they walk. If you eavesdrop these people, you will find most of them are either anxiously asking "where are you?" or answering that question. Usually they share landmarks such as street numbers/ shops/ buildings. But the other person is left on her own to locate those landmarks. It's also very common for the same two callers to speak more than once before they finally meet. At times the call does not get through for reasons such as network congestion, the line is busy or the other person is driving. Overall - it is not a pleasant experience after all.

Do you remember your own such experience? We all have experienced it. Thank God we at least have mobile phones; can you imagine how difficult it was in the 90s? We ourselves experienced this problem so many times when we had visitors or delivery boys calling to seek help with directions. And more often than not - there had to be more than one calls until they reached us.

For a person to give correct directions, she must know exact location of the other person. But what if the person still loses his way even after giving directions? What if they are meeting in an unfamiliar area?

That's how MapFindMe - Now Reaching Soon was born to solve our own problems. Life becomes much simpler when we can locate each other person on the map, and they can see us too. Once we see each other on the map and can track for that time, there is no need to make anxious calls. We immediately know whether they are taking the right path and how soon they would reach. If one takes the wrong path, the other person can inform immediately. Such an easy solution for a routine problem!

Click here Get the Reaching Soon Android app from Google Play Store. If you already have it, make sure it is current, as we keep updating it all the time. And iPhone users, we shall bring one for you very soon.