Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Will I be tracked 24 X 7?

The app will track you only during a trip. Once you start a new trip (or click a link you received from a friend), the app will start tracking your GPS location. When all the members reach destination, the trip will be closed and you will receive a notification.  

2. I want to share my location with my sister / friend. Does she need to have the app on her mobile?

NO. She can use mobile browser to accept your request to share location. However it is strongly advised that your friends / family whom you share location with have the app, as it makes life much simpler (than using the browser).

3. I want to request location from my visitors. Should they have the app installed?

NO. All they need is a GPS and Internet enabled phone. You should have the app to send them the request (link) using 'invite a friend to join the trip'. They can accept the request using mobile browsers. You will set "You" as the destination as they all are visiting you. 

4. Can I request location from my son if I don't have the app? Can I request it from my desktop?

No. You can send location sharing request from the app only. It's the same as inviting friend to join the trip. You need the app to do so.

5. My friend uses iPhone (or Windows). Can she share her location?

Not yet. Your friend can start a trip only from the app. As we do not have iOS/ Windows versions of the app, they have to wait. Of course they can join a trip started by you using mobile browsers.
Please ask your iPhone user friend to register on . We shall keep him/ her informed when the iPhone version is out. We may even ask her to try the pre-launch version if that interests her.

6. What will happen if I forget to close the trip? Can others continue to track me?

It's a good practice to close the trip. But don't worry. If you forget, the trip will time out after half an hour of inactivity. We are optimising on this time and gathering more data, but the bottomline is - the trip expires after extended inactivity.

7. Do I need to keep GPS and Mobile Data on all the time?

YES. Your GPS and internet connections must be on during the trip. GPS will tell your app where you are. Internet connection will take this information and tell others on the trip where you are. It will also get the information about location of others on the trip. You need some internet connection - either using mobile data package or through wifi connectivity. The amount of data sent/received is very small, but still you need data connectivity.

8. Will it drain my battery?

NO. This is something we have worked extensively. Both GPS and mobile data are battery consumers. Our platform is optimised for battery usage and will keep getting better. We have tested and now the battery consumption is very low. It will only get better in our next versions.

9. Is this app secure? Do you share my information with anyone?

ABSOLUTELY! We use 128bit encrypted data. You share your location only with trusted sources (such as your friends and family). Your location is shared only when you so desire - i.e. when you start or join a trip. No tracking happens without your consent. No tracking happens once you leave a trip. In simple words - it is safe, and protects your privacy.

We do not share your information with anyone. Period. Not even your parents/loved ones. They know about it only when you share it.

10. My friend joined the trip using her mobile browser. Why is her location not getting updated?

There are limitations on using browser. These are not the limitations of the app, but the say browser technology works The browser window/tab on your friends mobile specific to this trip should be active while she moves, in order to send her location to you. If your friend switches to another app, the browser window will not be 'active' anymore. Then her location will not be sent to you even if her data and GPS are on. In real life - when your friend is travelling, she may check in the browser once in a while and then switch another app (e.g. whatsapp, facebook, gmail or candy crush) or just sleep. Any of these activities will make her Reaching Soon browser tab to inactive.

11. On my app it says location accurate up to 100 meters. Why so?

GPS location accuracy depends upon many factors such as your handset, your location (outdoor / indoor / in basement), sky condition (clear / cloudy).It works the best when you are outside and the sky is clear. Inside your home it may vary depending upon how far you are from the window. If you are in basement you may see 'accurate up to 500m' message. It's how GPS works, and nobody can do much about it, not even Google Maps!

12. What if I take a different route than that shown in the app?

Great news. The app is designed considering that you may take a road that you know better. If you take a different path than that shown in the app, it will reroute your trip and calculate your revised distance and expected time. It will show the new path on the map. Currently we have set a trigger at 200m from suggested path to confirm that you have indeed rerouted, and this number will be optimised going forward.

13. What more will you be coming up with?

Plenty of exciting features. There will be emergency contacts and panic button. There will be in-app chatting facility so that you need not switch to whatsapp if you need to quickly send a message to other people on the trip. We shall also add family history tracking capability in near future. Launch of our iPhone version is also on the cards.

We shall also be launching a referral programme to reward you when you invite friends/ family to use the app and when they start using it. Follow us on facebook / twitter / linkedin and we shall keep you posted.

14. I love this app. How do I share it?

GREAT. Use the menu option to "Share App" as shown below. Share the link with your friends / family using any messaging tool such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email etc.

15. I have a suggestion. How do I contact you?

We love to hear from you. If you have any suggestions on a feature you would like to see, or an issue with the app, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or direct message to @reachsoon on twitter and we shall make every attempt to include your suggestions.