How to Use

How to use the app:

i. Getting Started

When you use the app first time, it will prompt you to enter your name. This name will be seen by your friends/ family members with whom you share your location.

ii. Requesting friend / family member to join the trip

To share location with a friend or family member, you have to send them a request. It is a simple URL in the format It can be sent using any messaging tool you are familiar with - such as WhatsApp, SMS or email. It can be sent to one or more person at the same time. Once the other person clicks the link, you can see their location on your map, and they can see yours too.

Once the other person clicks the link, you can see him/her on the map in your app. You will also receive a notification, so you need not constantly keep looking into the app to find whether the person has joined.

iii. Sharing your location with more people (or requesting location from other people)

To add a person to the trip (to share your location with or request their location), simply click the icon of a human head as shown in the image. Rest of the steps are as above.

iv. Setting destination

The trip needs a destination. You have multiple options to set destination as per the situation.
  • If you are at home and are requesting location from a family member or a visitor who is coming to you, the destination is "You".
  • If you are on road going to the other person who you have shared location with - the destination is "Other Person". The other person can be a friend/ family and MUST have already accepted your trip invitation. When you are going home after work/school and shared your location with your family member, you should use this option.
  • The other two options can be used when you are meeting someone at a third location such as a mall, cinema or restaurant. You may point to a specific location on the map or search a place by name (e.g. "Phoenix Mall")

The destination will be marked with a flag in the map, with a path line from your position (Blue pin). On the top bar you will see . and a line from your present location to the flag. Distance from your place to destination and expected time of journey will be displayed on the top.

However if "You" are the destination, then you (blue pin) and the flag will be at the same location. The other person will be shown with red pin, and his/her path and distance from you will be shown (see picture).

v. Changing destination

Use this option to change earlier set destination. Click the three dots on right top, and from drop down menu select "Change Destination". Rest of the steps are as above.

vi. Selecting Mode of Transport (Driving / Public Transport)

Your mode of transport will decide the time you would take to reach the destination. Each person can set this option on the trip individually on their app for that trip. Click the icon of Car or Train as it may apprea on the app (as highlighted below). You may select one of Driving or Public, and the app will calculate expected time of arrival (and change in distance).

vii. Closing trip that you started

The trip will be closed automatically once the people on the trip reach destination. However you can voluntarily close the trip anytime by clicking the eXit button as shown below. Once closed, tracking will be stopped for all the people on this trip and each one will be notified.

viii. Joining trip started by a friend

When you receive invitation to join a trip (using whatsapp/ sms etc), you can simply join by clicking the URL. If you have the app, it will be automatically open in the app. If you do not have the app, it will open in a browser. You can set your mode of transportaion and know your expected time to destination. However you cannot invite more friends or set/change destination, because you are joining a trip started by someone else.

ix. Leaving trip (and stopping being tracked)

When you join a trip started by someone else, you can leave the trip anytime by clicking the eXit icon as shown in earlier picture. You (and only you) will not be tracked thereafter, nor you can see location of others. However since it is a trip started by someone else, tracking will continue for remaining people in the trip.